Slide Valve GATEX

Gatex 2

The quick-acting slide valve GatEx

The quick-acting slide valve GatEx is used for complete closure of a pipe in the case of explosion, and therefore it is suitable for protection of production technologies with danger of dust explosion. Suitable for pneumatic conveying lines, exhausting lines and technologies constructed for maximum explosion pressure resistance.

Main applications: connections pipes of filters, silos, mills, mixers, cysclons, spray dryers and other equipment with danger of dust explosions.

- can be used on pipes with size over DN50
- pressure resistance up to 21Bar
- extremely fast reaction time
- short installation distance


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Slide Valve GatEx

1. Explosion detector
2. Fan
3. Rotary Valve
4. Control Unit
5. Slide Valve GatEx
6. Filter

The quick-acting slide valve GatEx is activated after detection of an incipient explosion. A detector sends a signal about the incipient explosion to a control unit that in turn activates a closing mechanism of the valve. The quick-acting slide valve is closed pneumatically. It respects so called fail safe design that puts the slide valve into safe state (close) in case that its reliable function cannot be guaranteed (e.g. by breaking its electrical supply or communication circuits, pressure decrease, etc.).

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