VCI – Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibiting inhibitors (based on VCI technology) are chemicals which in short term protect metals against corrosion. The protection period ranges from weeks to years, depending on the composition of the inhibitor, chemical-containing product, strength of the concentrate, use of technology, etc.

There are two types of corrosion inhibitors:

1. Gaseous inhibitors - used in metal conservation or packaging systems.
The vapours of inhibitors condense on all metal surfaces and chemical ions form a thin molecular protective layer that prevents the corrosion process. 

  • plastic bags, powdered emitters, emitters of plastic foam, tablets, papers, aerosols.

2. Liquid inhibitors – applied on metal surface (such as: preservation of military weapons)

  • water or oil-based products and gels, which have been mixed with chemical inhibitors.