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TekTrade Baltic offers recognized Italian company Delfin vacuum cleaners, which are able to satisfy every need of cleaning or maintenance within any type of industry. Each industrial vacuum cleaner is engineered with a specific objective; its features make it suitable for any dust, solids or liquids application.Delfin industrial vacuum cleaners are the best solution for the removal of dust and/or manufacturing waste from any work environment, ensuring maximum efficiency and security of each production area. Thanks to the HEPA filtration and additional certified components, ATEX industrial vacuum cleaners ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety even in environments with a risk of explosion.

Delfin catalogue

Available ranges of industrial vacuum cleaners:

3 faasilised

-       Three phase industrial vacuum cleaners – for heavy and continuous duty applications.

1 faasilised

-       Single phase industrial vacuum cleaners – for cleaning duties and common applications.

peene ja murgise tolmu jaoks


-       Industrial vacuums for fine and toxic dust – for safe suction of hazardous dust.


-       Industrial compressed air vacuum cleaner – with powerful Venturi suction units.


-       ATEX certified industrial vacuum cleaner – for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


-       Oil and chips industrial vacuum cleaner – for recovery and reuse of lubricants from machine tools.


-       Industrial vacuum cleaner for pharma, food and clean room – engineered to avoid contamination in production lines and to guarantee maximum hygiene.


-       Vacuum cleaners for OEM, packaging and production lines – for suction of scraps and wastes from packaging and production lines.

keevitamisega seotud

-       Industrial vacuum cleaners for use in welding applications – vacuum solutions for welding.


-       Industrial vacuum cleaners with high-performance lobe pumps – vacuum solutions for heavy industry.