NDT Products

NDT – Non Destructive Testing equipment is used for finding cracks in metal surface or for controlling welding seams during welding works.

Aerosol Sprays


Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol chemicals are used for:

1. Liquid penetrant testing

  • red dye (or fluorecence) penetrant spray 
  • cleaning removal spray
  • white developer spray.

2. Magnetic powder testing

  • black (or fluorecence) magnetic powder ink spray
  • white background lacquer spray

We offer 500ml and 400ml aerosol sprays. We sell by box or in large quantities (1/2 or 1 pallet).

Ultrasonic Gel


Ultrasonic Gel

Ultrasonic contact gels are used in medical research as well as in detecting of defects in metals with ultrasonic equipment.

We offer water-based medical gel as well as special gels for metal inspection.

Available in stock water-based blue coloured ultrasonic gel. Packing – 5,5l can.


  • UV lamps
  • Permanent magnet yokes.
UV lamp

UV Lamp


Permanent Magnet Yoke