Rotary Valves and Feeders

Poodklapid ja dosaatorid

Rotary Valve

The rotary valve is designed to receive and feed bulk and powder materials.
The valve is designed with a rotor which is shaft-mounted and driven by a motor, the paddles or blades create a triangular pocket between blades and the circular housing that it is rotating in and form an airtight seal with the housing; the motor slowly moves the blades to allow the solids to discharge from the hopper. The rotating paddle has vanes that fill with product on one side of the valve as the empty pockets are rotated to present a space for material to flow in.

Technical data:

  • Operation temperature -20°C +90°C;
  • Pressure: the valve operates with maximum differential pressure of 0.3 bar (between the inlet and outlet of the material). Option with side rotor walls: differential pressure up to 1.0 Mpa;
  • Manufacturing materials: carbon steel or stainless steel.