Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric expansion joints made from heat resistant textiles and fibre materials are used in air and exhaust gas duct systems for taking down vibration and for compensating thermal expansion.
The choice of fabric materials of the expansion joint are caused in general by gas/air working temperature, but as well as chemical and abrasive conditions in gas.
Fabric expansion joints are manufactured in single-layer as well as multi-layer structure.
Glass cloth covered with silicone is generally used as outer cover material. To ensure gas tight constructure PTFE chemical barrier (foil or cloth) is added. To protect both,  gas sealing foil and outer cover working material, from high temperatures of the medium, one or more layers of glass fabric thermal insulation or blanket is applied.
Fabric expansion joints can easily accomodate pressures of +/- 140 mbar (1400 mmWG).
There are several configurations to connect ducts to pipes. In case of specific queries please contact us.

Some designs for fabric expansion joints: