FLEX Flameless Explosion Venting

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Flex Flameless Explosion Venting

FLEX guarantees explosion venting in enclosed or internal spaces without propagation of flame, dangerous pressure and heat to near surroundings, therefore the equipment and technologies that are located in hard to access spaces can be protected by the flameless explosion venting without increased costs for building modifications that are usually related to installation of classical explosion relief equipment.

APPLICATIONS– different filters, reservoirs, mills, crushers, cyclons, other equipment with dust explosion danger.

The system has 2 basic functions:
1. The explosion venting device opens due to fast increasing pressure and the FLEX absorbs flame, burning dust and gases. As opposed to a classical explosion venting the FLEX system is capable to
absorb these undesirable effects thanks to its construction.

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Explosion venting process inside the Flex

2. The explosion venting can achieve temperatures up to 1500 °C. During explosion venting with the FLEX flameless equipment the temperature is lowered, thanks to its design, to such temperature that is not dangerous for surrounding equipment and for work and movement of personnel.

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Company RSBP produces 3 types of FLEX equipment:


flex R 1 1 800x205

FLEX R - Flameless Explosion Venting


flex F 1 1 800x216

FLEX F - Flameless Explosion Venting


flex C 5 1 800x258

FLEX C - Flameless Explosion Venting

FLEX meets the most stringent legislative requirements for flameless explosion venting devices.
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