Plastic Insulators

Casing spacers are used when carrier pipeline goes through casing pipe, in order to prevent friction between the pipes.

Casing spacers made from HDPE-plastic have several advantages:

  • quick and easy installation due to modular structure
  • wheels on casing spacers reduce friction and prevents external damages of pipe
  • a wide range of skid heights ensures concentricity of the carrier pipe in the casing if required
  • excellent insulating properties of the HDPE-plastic ensures all requirements of cathodic protection between metals in pipeline

Plastic insulator rings are normally installed with the following spacing:
Pipe diameter up to 300 mm  at a spacing of 2,5 m
400 - 600 mm  at a spacing of 2,0 m
over 600 mm at a spacing of 1,5 m

In particular cases, the ring distance may be modified after having examined the installation situation.

ZR type

Type ZR

ZR type 1

Type ZR

SM Duo 2

Type SM

BR type

Type BR