Cone Mills

Koonilised veskid

Cone Mill

The operating principle of cone mills is simple and effective. The product, once fed into the grinding chamber, is pressed against the surface of the conical calibration grid by means of an impeller. Only once achieved the dimensions imposed by the grid, the product is discharged, simply by gravity, into the underlying container. The cone mill can be used optimally to grind wet, brittle, gummy products, etc. and it is ideally suitable to meet the production needs of the following areas:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • food industry
  • chemical industry
  • cosmetic industry.

The configuration for pharmaceutical- and food application differs for the accuracy of the finishes, and the degree of surface roughness. Furthermore, it complies with cGMP’s regulations and allows separating the mill from its motor. This characteristic permits to place the mill in the working area and the motor in the technical area. This way it is possible to separate them to proceed with the cleaning and decontamination of the mill in dedicated premises.
Cone mill can be used both as an autonomous system and as an integrated component into complete process lines and can also be configured for installation in isolator in the treatment of highly active principles.