Metal Flange Gaskets

The product line of metal flange gaskets is very wide.

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Kammprofiiltihendid Dryflex

Kammprofile gaskets DryFlex ®

Kammprofile Gaskets – one of the most widely used gaskets in industry. Large variety of “Kamm” profiles allows using those gaskets in different types of flange connections and in different environments. The design of Kamm profile depends largely on requirements and peculiarities of the place; most common is still “tongue and groove” and “male and female” flange types with maximum out diameter until 5000 mm.
Third-generation kammprofile gaskets DryFlex® are available from our stock. These are special metal gaskets which outer support ring can be break to fit according to necessary pressure class. Gaskets are manufactures by standard EN 1514-6 with thickness 4 mm.

Kammprofile Gaskets Video


Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets – economical alternative to kammprofile gaskets in industry. Spiral wound gaskets represent a wound spiral of V-shaped metal strip and filler. Most common fillers are graphite and PTFE; most common metal strip material is 316L. Outer and/or inner metal support ring provide mechanical reinforcement to the gasket. The choice of support ring materials depend on the environment where gaskets are used.

Main designs of spiral wound gaskets are:
1)   without support rings - type R
2)   with inner support ring – type RIR
3)   with outer support ring – type C/O
4)   with inner and outer support ring – type C/I

Standard thicknesses of the sealing part is 3,2 mm, 4,5 mm or 6,1 mm.
Thickness of the support rings is usually 2,0 mm.

tugirõngasteta - tüüp R

without support rings - type R

sisemise tugirõngaga - tüüp RIR

with inner support ring – type RIR

välimise tugirõngaga - tüüp C/O

with outer support ring – type C/O

sisemise ja välimise tugirõngaga - tüüp C/I

with inner and outer support ring – type C/I


Metal-Jacketed Gaskets – metal gaskets with soft filler which are used to seal covers of tube&shell heat-exchangers, manlids or flanges.

Metallist manteltihend

Metal-Jacketed Gasket

Confinated Gaskets GUS 600
- GUS 600 series gaskets and its variations are suitable for extreme applications as they are resistant for squeezing, blowing, vibration, preserving high forming capacity. GUS 600 series gaskets resolve the most difficult tightness problems in industry. They can be used sealing the flanges adjacent to pumps, compressors, gate valves etc. self-compensating pipelines, floating heads, inspection holes. Application of properly selected layers eliminates necessity of reconditioning of flange faces and ensures very good elastic recovery. 

GUS 660

GUS 660

GUS 660 Video

Ring Joint Gaskets – octangular or oval cross-section metal gaskets to recessed flanges. These kinds of gaskets are used for large-scale pressures.

Ring tuupi tihend

Ring Joint Gasket

Metal Gaskets for Tube&Shell Heat-Exchangers – kammprofile, spiral wound or metal-jacketed gaskets are widely used when sealing covers of heat-exchangers. According to common types, different gasket configurations are available, but there is also a possibility to produce special designs. Materials -  all common metals and fillers.  

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