Vibro-Separators and Screens

Vibro-Separators are used to segregate solid particles into separate groups containing comparable sizes and also to filter oversize solids from all types of slurries, or dewatering solid/liquid mixtures. The working process is based on the product vibration and gravity. Different mesh sized screens are used to separate components. Modular system of screens are used for sorting particles into different fractions.

Separeerimine gruppidesse. Sõelade moodulsüsteem.

Separation by Groups. Modul System of Screens.




In case of need CIP (clean in place) system could be added to Vibro-Separators. As an option they can also be designed for use in ATEX zones.

SWECO separators are used in wood industry, laundries, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, as well as in waste water treatment from mechanical residues and fibers.

Devices are divided into round shaped (Vibrotory Round Separator) and rectangular shaped (Gyramax separator) separators.

Ümara kujuga vibroseparaator

Vibrotory Round Separator

GyraMax Vibroseparaator

Gyramax Rectangular Vibro-Separator 

Nelinurkne vibroseparaator

Rectangular Vibro-Separator


We also offer spare parts and screens.

Valik sõelu

Variety of Screens