HRD - Fast Barrier System

RSBP components

HRD – system components

HRD (high rate discharge) barriers are characterized by extremely fast discharge of an extinguishing agent into pipes connecting pieces of technological equipment.  System detects the initial phase of explosion and then suppresses explosions of flammable dusts in industrial technologies. HRD consists of the fast reacting sensors, control unit and powder extinguishers.

Main applications:  connection pipes of filters, silos, reservois, mills, mixers, cyclons, spray dryers and other devices with danger of dust explosions.

The detectors relate a signal to a control unit that activates HRD container units. The bottles are equipped by fast-opening valves capable to immediately release extinguishing agent to the protected space, and create very effective extinguishing agent barrier.

HRD 3 EN 800x303

1. Initiation                  
2. Detection of explosion origin
3. Extinguishing agents injection, explosion pressure reduction
4. Explosion suppression

HRD paigaldus seadmetel ja torustikel

HRD 2 EN 800x455

1. Explosion detector
2. Fan
3. Rotary valve
4. Control unit
5. HRD container unit
6. Filter

VIDEO "HRD fast barrier system"

VIDEO "HRD system"


HRD water shot 355x574

Water Shot

RSBP has developed a special barrier system for the technologies, where the fire suppression powder is not accepted. WATER SHOT is a special HRD vesel equipped by fast opening valves and other accessories with H2O inside instead of the usual extinguishing media.

WATER SHOT – is designed to protect against the effects of explosions, especially in the food industry where the fire suppression powder is not accepted. It is especially intended to protect the technologies, which are cleaning with water in the normal process. Its application will certainly find the opportunity in many other industries and in many different technologies.